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Our experience in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) world runs deep, having been closely involved with more than 10 acquisitions among high profile companies including:

Your company is unique. We work based on your company's culture and make improvement! We want your company to be successful, we want your employees to be happy at work.

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After witnessing these mergers and acquisitions firsthand, Colean realized there was an unfortunate pattern among many companies post-acquisition. Productivity – especially among the sales force – would suffer a decline. Revenues would slide as the sales team’s morale, unsure about their future, would plummet.

Colean started Sales Synergy Consulting to eliminate the problems that arise during mergers and acquisitions. She is passionate about helping recently merged companies adjust to their new situation, establishing confidence among the sales team and maintaining morale. As a consultant, we will ensure that sales revenue and productivity don’t decline, resulting in increased profitability.

We help clients improve their systems, operations and processes based on their existing infrastructure and setup. We think like a winner. 

We are system-savvy, we have years of successful experience in working with IT teams to help companies improve their reporting systems