Entrepreneurs, you’ve got your product in place, it’s time to sell!

Entrepreneurs, you've got your product in place, it's time to sell! Online Event

You've got product or services, maybe even funding. It's time to sell and sell big! This webinar helps you build your sales team. About this Event To all entrepreneurs, you've got ideas for your business, you worked hard to develop your products, recruited your engineering teams, prepared countless presentations for fundraising. Now you feel overwhelmed …


Building Your Sales Team Mastermind – Time To Scale Your Company

Let's do a quick huddle before the end of year 2020. This 30-45 minute webinar shares the best sales processes advice you will ever get. We have over 18 years of successful experience in this area with award-winning record. This webinar will cover sales organizational hierarchy, sales reporting and sales compensation. We will also answer sales compensation issues/questions you have.