Even though you’re tempted to breathe a sigh of relief after you’ve gone through the legal red tape and contractual negotiations of an M&A, nagging concerns about your sales team’s productivity, and the company’s continued profitability, continue to haunt you. As two companies merge, there is often downsizing and it’s natural that members of your sales team are worried about losing their jobs. Furthermore, there is often confusion about their roles in the new organization, as well as their sales quotas and compensation. As a result, the sales team’s morale can plummet along with their productivity.

Between 2012 and 2014, Dell acquired four companies: AppAssure, Wyse Technologies, Sonic Wall and Quest. Colean Tang, as a member of the channel mergers and acquisitions team at Dell, worked closely with the management and sales teams during the M&A process and implemented multiple strategies to ensure the continued success of the combined companies.

One of the strategies involved creating the first M&A sales quota model for the Dell Channel Business Unit (BU). This BU was the only one in Dell to achieve their quarterly quotas for two years running.

Between 2001 and 2008, Sun Microsystems acquired Cobalt and StorageTek. What did they do to seamlessly merge Cobalt’s and StorageTek’s sales teams into Sun’s sales force? As a member of the corporate mergers and acquisitions team at Sun, Colean Tang revised the sales quota plan, created different sales roles and corresponding job codes. The sales reps from the parent company, Sun, became the main Sales Representatives, and the sales reps from the acquired companies, Cobalt and StorageTek, became the Sales Specialists. The Sales Representatives and the Sales Specialists had clearly defined roles and quotas, resulting in a smooth transition. In fact, the Reps and Specialists often worked together doing joint presentations.

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