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Sales Synergy Consulting

Sales Process Consulting Services Globally

At Sales Synergy Consulting, we provide leadership in times of crisis and disruption. We facilitate diversity and give care, which in turn generates synergy.

We helped a fortune 500 company meet its sales quota after 4 M&As.

We can ease any worries you have about your sales revenue and continued profitability post-M&A.

Whether it's organizing chaotic salesforce processes or getting the right sales data, we can help.

You do not hire us for our opinion; you hire us for your result!

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Colean Tang is the founder and CEO of Sales Synergy Consulting. She has worked with over 10 different sales teams after its merger and acquisition (M&A), applying her sales synergy strategies.

Those who have benefited the most have one or more of these challenges.

Sales Synergy Consulting

Employee Integration Problems After Mergers & Acquisitions

See if these sound familiar to you:

  • Your sales team's morale has declined, as they're afraid they might lose their jobs.
  • Your sales force is unsure about their roles in the new organization.
  • Your sales team is worried about their sales quotas and resulting compensation.
  • Your sales revenue has started to decline, and many reps are not meeting their sales quotas.

Post Merger Sales Process Integration Consulting

  • M&A Integration: Fixing the disconnects in the sales process
  • Started sales synergy M&A consulting to eliminate these problems
  • Passionate about establishing confidence among the sales team and maintaining morale
  • At Sales Synergy Consulting, we will ensure that:
  • Sales revenue and productivity won't decline
  • Profitability will increase
Sales Synergy Consulting

Does Your Startup Need a Solid Sales Process and Help Managing Partnerships?

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, our M&A Consultants can help you.