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Sales Synergy Consulting

Worried About Your Sales Revenue and Continued Profitability Post M&A?

Even though you're tempted to breathe a sigh of relief after you've gone through the legal red tape and contractual negotiations of an M&A, nagging concerns about your sales team's productivity and the company's continued profitability continue to haunt you. As two companies merge, there is often downsizing, and, naturally, your sales team members are worried about losing their jobs.

Furthermore, there is often confusion about their roles in the new organization and their sales quotas and compensation. As a result, the sales team's morale can plummet along with their productivity.

Our M&A Services

  • Sales internal CRM consulting
  • Sales commission calculation model consulting
  • Sales territory design consulting
  • Sales quota model consulting
  • Sales reporting consulting
  • Sales re-plan and attrition consulting
  • Sales compensation escalation consulting
  • Sales compensation plan consulting
  • Sales data reconciliation consulting